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There are a number of different types of home loans available to you,

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Fill out an application and find out how much you can borrow in a Purchase or Refinance.

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Verify Credit, Income, and Asset, so that you are able to make an offer on a Purchase.

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Once your offer has been accepted, the property has been appraised, and you have provided all required documents. Your loan will be Clear-to-Close.

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About Me

Chris Bueno is a Miami Native who was born and raised in Miami-Dade County. Although he has lived in other cities such as Jersey City, NJ, and New York City, NY, Chris has always considered the city of Miami to be home. He is deeply rooted in the community and currently resides in South Florida with his beautiful wife and 2 kids.

Chris was fortunate enough to have 2 of the best role models as parents. His father, who had a 25+ year career as a professional athlete, and his loving mother earning a masters degree, working a career as a Director for the largest healthcare provider in South Florida. “My parents showed me love and raised me to be strong, confident , and respectful”, Chris says, “however, I had to learn how to navigate a career as a self-employed professional or a small business owner on my own in my mid 20's.”

Growing up, Chris was very athletic and played multiple sports on a competitive level. Including but not limited to: baseball, basketball, football, muay thai, jiujitsu, ect. At a young age, Chris was eager to become independent. In 5th grade, he saved his money from chores to buy his own puppy. At the age of 15, he held his first job and saved his money and bought himself his first car for his 16th birthday, a 1992 Acura Legend coupe.

In 2007, following his 18th birthday while finishing his last few weeks of high school, Chris would begin his employment with UPS. Here he was able to live out his passion for developing a team and leading people. He would go on to be with the company for about 12 years, getting recognition while working through the ranks and holding titles such as Full Time Supervisor, Center Manager, Operations Manager.

In 2014 Chris purchased his first home at the age of 25. Realizing that he knew very little about the market, Chris took up an interest and began reading and learning about the real estate industry and how to make a career in it as an investor and/or professional.

In 2016 Chris would officially begin to study Real Estate at Gold Coast Schools and go on to get his license as a Real Estate Agent in the state of Florida.

In 2018, he would go on to get his Real Estate Brokers license.

In 2018, while working under the title Operations Manager, Chris would end his 12-year career with UPS and begin new ventures.

At the age of 30, Chris got the opportunity to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career as a Professional Athlete. This was a lifelong dream for Chris as he has always had a passion for competing in sports. He signed his first contract as a Professional Jai-Alai Player for Magic City Casino and was part of the 2019 Roster.

Continuing his success as a Real Estate Professional, as well as, a Professional Athlete, Chris saw an opportunity to enhance his business and began studying to take the test for his MLO license during the “refi boom” of 2020.

Chris believes that ownership is everything, right next to doing what's best for the consumer. That's why he chose the broker channel rather than retail lending. "If I can help shop the best loan product and educated the average consumer on how to leverage home loan products for their homeownership and start to create wealth, it would bring me fulfillment through my work."

Currently, Chris identifies as Mortgage Professional, and a Real Estate Professional, that competes in the sport of Jai-Alai on a Professional level. He is currently pursuing his dream of owning and operating his own Real Estate Brokerage and Mortgage Brokerage and building his team of partners, in preparation of the inevitable retirement from his career in Professional Sports.

He still has dreams of writing a book, becoming well known for speaking in public, and creating programs to develop youth through sports and education.

We've been helping customers

afford the home of their

dreams for many years and we

love what we do...”

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